Natalie Aurea

Two are the words that give name to our firm, Natalia Aurea and both have a powerful meaning.

Natalie represents the XXI century woman. A woman who belongs to a cosmopolitan generation, ambitious, dynamic and with a lot to say.

Brave and faithful to herself, she values her independence and she is owner of her own time and actions.

She sees the world as a place with endless possibilities and experiences waiting for her. Each new adventure shapes her personality and expands her vision of the world.

She takes care of showing a style according to her personality, avoiding being a fashion victim. She is fascinated by the creations whose inspirations are powerful and have great meaning.

Aurea represents beauty from a different perspective which we are not used to. In a world where beauty is not understood as something objective, there is a wonderful theme known as the Golden Ratio, which describes constantly and universally, the structures considered more beautiful, harmonious and balanced.

This way, nature itself has taken care of establishing and keeping these structures, and it does not seem to be something neither casual nor subjective. Flowers petals, our own human body and the shape of galaxies have in common the wonderful “golden number”.

Natalie Aurea synthesizes beauty from an intelligent and mathematical point of view, as structures that support life such as we know it.

This is how our Aurea jewellery is born; a conceptual trip to the foundations of the Golden Ratio in shape of segments, rectangles, spirals and triangles. Each piece of jewellery is much more than a mere esthetical decoration, it is a concept, a style and above all a way of understanding and connecting with our universe.